13 March 2018 0 Comments Posted By : Jasmine Girn

Vancouver Will Be Covered In Blooming Cherry Blossoms Very Soon

Despite Mother Nature's greatest efforts to keep Vancouverites miserable and cold, spring is upon us. The best part of springtime in Vancouver is that the entire city is swiftly taken over by whimsical cherry blossom trees. Walking down the street to grab your groceries turns into a magical walk through fluttering petals and you're quickly overcome with the fragrant scent of the city's infamous cherry blossoms. 

In fact, parts of Vancouver have already started to blossom! You don't need to book a trip to Japan to see those coveted flowers bloom because pretty soon the entire city will be covered in them. Just yesterday, the official Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival website stated that "Whitcomb" cherries have already begun to bloom in the Sunset neighbourhood.


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